Bean Selection:

PJ's Coffee of New Orleans experts travel around the world to learn as much as they can about the quality of coffee they buy. No detail is too small to be considered, from farming methods to climate and cloud coverage. Only a small percentage of the world's coffee bean crop is deemed exceptional enough for use by PJ's Coffee. And, only the perfectly ripened fruit of the Rubiaceae tree yield fully mature beans that are acceptable to be used in our coffees.

Roasting Facility:

There is a science behind coffee roasting, and PJ’s practices have turned this science into a fine art. Our roasting process transforms finely selected green beans and dries and readies them to release oils, essences, and flavors that will make a unique cup of coffee.

PJ’s Coffee is roasted in a small batch process that uses a fluid hot air roaster. This gives the Roastmaster flexibility, based upon the individual qualities of the beans, in order to produce the most flavorful and freshest coffee possible. At PJ’s Coffee, each small batch is its own custom roast, not part of a continuous process and procedure that many larger scale roasters use. As the beans pop, they double in size and assume the distinctive and rich brown coffee color.

Bean color is the basis for classification of specific roasts. Medium Roasts require a lower temperature and gentler heating, and they typically are not blended. They are referred to by country of origin, for example, rating “Kenya AA” is a premium single coffee. Dark Roasts range from the lightly roasted to the full dark Espresso. They possess a smoky sweetness and are named for the degree of the roast. For example, “French Roast” is a mid-range dark roast, not a coffee from France!

Common with fine cognacs, most coffees are blended from a number of single coffees through the technique called “cupping.” Each PJ’s Coffee blend has been designed to provide a consistent taste each time it is enjoyed. Success in blending combines the complementary characteristics of each varietal to provide a smooth and well balanced cup. PJ’s cupping has consistently set its coffees apart from the competition.

The PJ’s Coffee roasting facility is located in the heart of New Orleans—the French Quarter. All of PJ’s coffees are produced with a computer controlled drum roaster that utilizes an indirect heat method which results in a more uniform heat and a consistently superior product. To ensure supreme quality, our coffee is packaged immediately after roasting,