Traditional Hot

Hot Coffee
PJ’s has over twenty different coffees and offers three freshly brewed choices a day. Selections change daily.

Café Au Lait
A New Orleans specialty, made with delicious PJ’s coffee and a generous splash of steamed milk.

Café Latte
It is the grown up way to drink your milk – steamed mingled with espresso.

Equal parts espresso and steamed milk with a crown of froth.

The ultimate coffee commitment – pressurized water is used to extract the rich essence of our finely ground Espresso Dolce ®. Served straight up.

Equal measures of espresso and hot water create a strong and flavorful coffee that has an all-American appeal.

Meaning “marked” in Italian, it is a traditional serving of espresso, marked with a dollop of foamed milk.

Mocha Latte
Ghirardelli ® cocoa, espresso and steamed milk with a swirl of whipped cream.

Hot Mocha
Café Au Lait sweetened with Ghirardelli® cocoa and topped with a whipped cream spiral.

Mocha Cappuccino
Espresso and frothy steamed milk with a generous helping of Ghirardelli® cocoa and a swirl of whipped cream.

White Chocolate Cappuccino
Frothy steamed milk and espresso with Ghirardelli® white chocolate and a spiral of whipped cream on top.

Vienna Crème
A warm coffee treat made with PJ’s Viennese Blend cold-drip coffee and milk, sweetened and frothed together, then sculpted with a swirl of whipped cream.

Caramel Crème
Rich caramel, PJ’s Viennese Blend cold-drip coffee and milk frothed into a frenzy – topped with whipped cream and drizzles of caramel.