PJ's Coffee Offering Cold Brew

Published on NolaDefender.com

As the summer heats up, local brew PJ's coffee is releasing a new cold brew iced coffee. It will be available at all PJ's locations and is brewed using the classic slow drip method, a process that takes close to 24 hours and that yields coffee that is less acidic with richer flavor. It's a ready to drink, ready to go product, says PJ's Roastmaster Felton Jones.  
Right now we are just offering the classic cold brew coffee flavor. It can be used as our PJs iced coffee, along with milk, but there are all sorts of other things you can do with it. By having the concentrate available, we were thinking our customers might come up with their own creations. Some customers might start revealing ways they will use it for cooking and baking, says Jones.
The drip method employed by PJ's creates a far less acidic coffee, and the long steeping process also allows for more flavor, and a deeper and richer taste that brings out the full flavor of the coffee beans. For individuals who have bad reactions to acidic coffee, this is a wonderful alternative, says Jones.  
The cold brew will cost customers $8.99 and will only be offered at PJ's locations. We are very reserved about how we spread our wings with the product," Jones said. "We want to make sure we can maintain our flavor profile and what people love about the coffee as we expand.  
The timing couldn't be better, as New Orleans is getting hot and people are looking for a colder way to jump start their day. And while it's definitely a go to during the summer, Jones believes this cold brew will be enjoyed all year.

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