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New Orleans Beignets


Freshly Prepared Beignets!

Product availability varies per market and location. Please contact your local PJ's Coffee for a specific list of beignet offerings.

A hot & billowy fried French pastry, dusted with powdery confectioners' sugar, the word Beignet invokes a distinctly New Orleans feeling of strolling the Mississippi River, sounds of light jazz echoing somewhere beyond Bourbon St. while enjoying this aromatic & doughy dessert.

The pairing of beignets with coffee is a match made in heaven. The indulgent sweetness of beignets complements the rich flavors of coffee, making them an ideal combination.  Pair it with a classic PJ's Café au Lait for dunking, our freshly prepared Beignets are perfect to enjoy any time of day or night.

Beignets au sucré… Be a local.