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Our Coffee

Nutty, Spicy

The light, nutty-yet-balanced aroma of this blend evokes memories of Mardi Gras time, but we enjoy this spicy, medium-bodied brew anytime of the year.

  • Aroma: Nutty, Balanced
  • Region: Guatemala and Colombia
    (Central and South America)


Nutty, Floral

A fine Brazilian and Honduran blend of coffees marries these sweet and nutty flavor profiles together. Medium acidity, full and fruity aroma and medium body.

  • Aroma: Full and Sweet
  • Region: Brazil and Honduras (Central and South America)


Balanced, Nut-like

A flavorful, medium-bodied coffee with a sweet nut-like aroma and a smooth taste that is easy to enjoy every morning. available in decaf

  • Aroma: Sweet and Nutty
  • Region: Colombia (South America)


Berry, Lavender, Ripe Fruit

This lightly complex, single origin coffee carries flavors of citrus and spice, nicely blending with its sweet, fruity aroma and delicate floral notes to brighten your day.

  • Aroma: Sweet and Floral
  • Region: Ethiopia (Africa/Arabia)


Smoky, Spicy

Taste the smoky and spicy tones of this medium-bodied Guatemalan coffee surrounded by a sweet caramel aroma.

  • Aroma: Sweet and Caramelly
  • Region: Guatemala (Central America)


Toasty, Chocolate

This blend of dark and medium roasts is a lively and clean coffee with a toasty aroma, full body and a lingering chocolate aftertaste.

  • Aroma: Toasty
  • Region: Honduras and Colombia (Central and South America)


Nutty, Balanced

This special, full-bodied, Sumatran and Colombian blend commemorates the founding of PJ’s with a sweet caramelly aroma and smooth overtones of chocolate.

  • Aroma: Caramelly
  • Region: Sumatra and Colombia (Asia-Pacific and South America)


Earthy, Pungent

A full-bodied, earthy and exotic coffee that captures the flavors of its origins but still possesses sweet caramelly accents.

  • Aroma: Sweet and Caramelly
  • Region: Sumatra (Asia-Pacific)


Deep Chocolate, Complex

This Central and South American blend of classic roasts produces a coffee that is sweet and smooth, yet strong and quaint, with a deep chocolate flavor that lingers on the palate.

  • Aroma: Deep, Chocolaty
  • Region: Honduras, Columbia, Papua New Guinea (Central and South America, Asia-Pacific)


Lightly Smoky, Chocolate

A très bien way to begin your day! This Colombian single origin coffee has a slightly smoky aroma and sweet chocolate aftertaste that complements its rich and mellow taste.

  • Aroma: Lightly Smoky
  • Region: Colombia


Sweet, Vanilla, Walnuts

A noble blend of the finest quality, this coffee has a mild, sweet and clean flavor with hints of vanilla and sweet walnut.

  • Aroma: Sweet Vanilla and Walnuts
  • Region: Brazil and Colombia (South America)


Smoky, Sweet

A complex and intense cup of single origin, 100% Honduran El Terrerito Farms coffee. Full-bodied and rich, with an exotic aftertaste of bittersweet chocolate. available in Decaf

  • Aroma: Smoky and Sweet
  • Region: Honduras (Central America)


Floral, Exotic, Bittersweet

This Asian-Pacific, dark roasted bean is a more intense version of our usual French Roast. It is exotic and chocolaty in flavor, and rich and floral in aroma.

  • Aroma: Floral
  • Region: Papua New Guinea (Asia-Pacific)